Harrington Family
Dear Tammy and USA Roofing,

We are still finding it hard to believe we could be blessed so richly! What your company did by giving our family a new roof has meant the world to us.  It has taken such a load of worry off of me and my husband!  When it rains now we don’t have to run into the kitchen and put a pan on the stove to catch the leaking water from the roof! Praise God!

We knew we needed a roof but with my husband being laid-off all last year and trying to catch-up financially; it was hard to figure out where the money would come from for a new roof.   

  USA Roofing

When you told me we would be BLESSED with a new FREE roof from your company; as you know I couldn’t believe it! I was totally overwhelmed and in shock!  THANK YOU doesn’t seem like enough but it comes with the greatest sincerity.  May your business continue to be Blessed!
The Harrington Family
Isaac, Denise and JaNia

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